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Affordable Used Cars for Sale In Oklahoma City OK

Affordable Used Cars for Sale In Oklahoma City OK

Bob Howard Hyundai invites you to explore our inventory of affordable used cars for sale in Oklahoma City OK. We stand behind the quality of all our pre-owned cars and SUVs. Each one has undergone rigorous inspection and is a great value to anyone looking for a reliable vehicles for sale under $10K. Bob Howard Hyundai invites you to shop online or in-person today. Plus, don’t forget to visit our auto finance center to get pre-approved for a used car loan before you shop.

Why Buy an Affordable Used Car?

Budget-minded used vehicles are a fantastic alternative for many car shoppers desiring to stay within their budget, acquire something for a new driver, fill a temporary need, simply bypass finance altogether, or any amount of other reasons. While buying a new car is typically a goal for many people, there are several obvious attractions for buying pre-owned. The most common among these rationales are that used vehicles experience less depreciation over time, are dependable and reliable vehicles, and commonly do not cost as much to insure as a newer model.

used cars avoid depreciation

Leverage Depreciation

One all-too inescapable fact of car and truck ownership is a little matter of depreciation. According to Kelley Blue Book, the typical car may lose approximately 60% of its value after the first five years, regardless of make or model. Likewise, buying pre-owned allows savvy car shoppers to leverage depreciation in their own favor. Bringing home a model that is only a few years old means paying a fraction of the original MSRP for a top-of-the-line brand-name model. On the whole, buying a budget-friendly pre-owned car can mean saving money on the initial purchase while maintaining better value over time.

used cars are reliable & safe

Reliable, Safe & Well-Maintained

Our team stands behind the quality of our selection of used vehicles. Our entire inventory of used cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans undergo a thorough repair and inspection process before being listed for resale. This includes safety above all. Safety is primarily based on the model, make, and year you’re buying, and typically not a matter of being pre-owned or not. A study by Consumer Reports suggests that features and reliability do not undergo a significant reduction until after a vehicle’s 6th year. Certainly, as with all vehicles, mileage is often a better indicator of reliability than age.

used cars have decrease insurance premiums

Lower Insurance Premiums

For budget-conscious car buyers, reducing their expenses often includes the cost of car insurance. As suggested by NerdWallet, a major factor of auto insurance premiums is actually the vehicle itself. What’s it worth? What do replacement parts cost? How safe is it? This facet of car insurance is a guarantee against the cost of repairing or replacing damage to your car. Because of this, buying a dependable, safe, and affordable used car can significantly reduce your monthly premiums. Overall rates, however, are often significantly influenced by your own driving profile, including credit score, age, and driving history.

Oklahoma City Affordable Used Cars Under $10K

Visit Bob Howard Hyundai online or in-person to view our selection of budget-friendly vehicles for sale under $10K in Oklahoma City, OK.

Affordable Used Cars for Sale Oklahoma City OK | Bob Howard Hyundai

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