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How To Measure My Engine Oil Percentage Level?

how to measure my engine oil percentage level?

Why Is Changing Your Car or Truck Oil Important?

A critical element of a vehicle is oil. Whether it’s working to keep the engine cool or lubricating parts to not grind against each other, the engine oil is the lifeline for your vehicle. The oil assists the engine in a number of ways. It helps protect the engine by keeping it clean from debris, which protects the operation of the engine. Oil reduces friction and wear, which can also enhance the fuel performance of your car. Lastly, it lowers the heat inside the engine and redistributes it to other parts of the engine. If you are unsure about the status of your engine oil, contact our service department for an inspection.

How to Read Motor Oil Level?

How to Read a Dipstick?

Regularly testing the engine oil level can help the driver upkeep proper oil levels and help safekeep oil health. To start, it is best to check the oil when the engine is cool to avoid touching the hot engine parts. Many dipsticks have lines to show if the oil level is low and should be topped off. Also when using the dipstick, you can check the oil color. If the oil is light in color and smooth, it shouldn’t be changed. However, if the oil appears sludgy and dark, then it should be changed.

How to Check for a Motor Oil Leak?

Detecting an Oil Leak

If your dipstick constantly displays low oil levels then it’s possible that you may have a leak. There are numerous ways to test for oil leakage, which is integral because a leak could cause damage to your vehicle’s engine. If there are dark puddles under your car, it could be a result of the oil pan leaking oil. Smoke from the engine or the smell of burning oil could possibly be an essential indicator of an oil leak. Also, the engine overheating could be another result of an oil leak.

How Long Can I Go Without an Oil Change

How Many Miles Can You Go Over Oil Change?

Learning when to replace your car’s engine oil is crucial to prevent damage to the engine in your car. While some may suggest a short oil change interval from 3,000-5,000 miles, it is recommended to have your oil replaced every six months or 5,000 to 7,000 miles, whichever one comes first. However, if you are unsure about when to have an oil change you should reach out to our service department for more accurate information about your vehicle.

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Where to Get Oklahoma City Area Oil Change For a Hyundai?

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