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Indicators Of A Malfunctioning O2 Sensor

indicators of a malfunctioning o2 sensor

Bob Howard Hyundai can help you identify the indicators of a malfunctioning O2 sensor.

There are many unique sensors your car uses on a day-to-day basis, perhaps one of the more important ones is the O2 sensor, which is required for a car to perform at its top-notch capability. With all of the exhaust fumes any vehicle creates, it’s important to have a piece of tech that knows the oxygen levels produced in the exhaust gases. The sensor plays an important role in keeping track of a vehicle’s O2 levels to make sure the engine is correctly burning its fuel. A good-working O2 sensor will be an important cog for a consistent running vehicle. Still, a bad O2 sensor will probably lead to bad gasoline economy, a bad odor in your vehicle, and affect your powertrain’s performance capability. Here you’ll learn about things to look for when using your car that can be easy-to-see signs of a failed O2 sensor.

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The Problems A Failing O2 Sensor May Cause

What Are The Issues A Failed Oxygen Sensor May Cause?

Whenever you’re riding on the highway and smell something rotten from your vehicle, this can be a quick sign that the O2 sensor is going bad. If you ever begin to keep track of some differences like poor powertrain performance, loud noises, or engine misfires, that could be a result of your O2 sensor probably having problems. One of the worst things that could be can be caused by a failed oxygen sensor is a catalytic converter failing without warning, which may put a big hole in your pockets.

What Can Make An O2 Sensor Go Bad?

What Causes An Oxygen Sensor To Go Bad?

Like many other components of a car, O2 sensors can break down after lots of usage and begin to fail. But if you don’t pay attention, a bad O2 sensor could begin to bring major problems throughout your car. A build-up of contaminated oil ash or coolant can lead to an oxygen sensor failing, so a choice in fuel or oil is superbly important. If you’re noticing some issues like those seen above, it’s best to come to our professional mechanics, who could set you up with an OEM O2 sensor replacement.

If My O2 Sensor Fails, Can I Still Drive My Car?

Can I Drive A Vehicle If It Has A Failed Oxygen Sensor?

We recommend not driving with a bad oxygen sensor as the powertrain isn’t running on the correct fuel mixture. Though it might perform fine, if your powertrain is over-using its fuel and running rich it might begin to clog the catalytic converter. Considering the price of getting new oxygen sensors is less than buying a catalytic converter, it’s better to make this decision earlier. Also, if your car has over 60,000 miles on the dash or is more than 15 years old you should consider replacing your O2 sensors for lower pollution and optimal engine performance.

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