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Top 5 Times of Year When To Buy Used Cars

used cars: when is the best time of year to shop?

Are you wondering if there’s a best time to shop for a used car or truck? While the answer to this question is surely yes, this mostly depends on your requirements and preferences. Do you want the best savings? What about the greatest value? Perhaps the largest selection? The best offer on your trade-in vehicle? Various times of the week, month, or year will generally provide various reasons. To help you to better understand all the options, we are going to take a closer look at the top times to buy used cars and trucks below.

Always Buy Before You Have To

Buy your next car or truck before you seriously need a new one. While this answer isn’t quite time-specific, it’s often better to have more time on this type of decision rather than rushing to purchase a replacement. It’s always good to start finding out your options in order to make a smart decision instead of a rushed one. Likewise, it’s recommended to make a decision prior to a breakdown, because you may receive more value for a trade-in because of its superior state.

In The 4th Quarter of the Calendar Year

Why get a pre-owned car during the last months of the calendar year? This time of year is recommended because of the amount of holiday dealership sales events on hand. Plus, let’s remember there’s the need to create room for their incoming inventory.

Shop Towards the Front End of the Week

Why should one buy used cars at the beginning of the week? When dealerships aren’t overly busy, it is sometimes much easier for car shoppers to get the car they’re looking for. As compared to Fridays and Saturdays, Mondays tend to be the least full by far. This circumstance typically means greater time from the sales and financing staff.

During Seasonal & Holiday Sales Events

Seasonal holiday sales are generally a perfect time to buy a car or truck. While these national sales offer significant refunds on new cars, many dealerships also advertise local incentives, promotions, or offers on their used and certified pre-owned inventory, too. Generally speaking, New Year’s ranks amidst the best seasonal sales events for customers searching for some good offers. In the middle of the year, car shoppers can typically expect to see even more savings for July Fourth and Memorial Day. Then, there are a number of seasonal holiday sales events starting in early October with Labor Day then ending at the end of the year with December’s events to bring the calendar year to a close.

The Last Days of the Month

What is the merit of buying pre-owned cars at the month’s end? Frankly, since most auto dealers operate on a month-to-month basis, it’s occasionally possible that some models may be obligated to be cleared to make room for incoming inventory. This may increase your success of getting the right automobile at the price you’re looking for.

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