Why Is The Turn Signal Blinker Flashing Rapidly On My Vehicle?

September 28th, 2022 by
why is the turn signal blinker flashing rapidly on my vehicle?

Bob Howard Hyundai will find out why the turn signal blinker is flashing rapidly on your vehicle.

The second you jump in your own car, you can tell if anything is different while you’re riding around. If it’s irregular performance ability, smells, or the general feeling on the road, you’ll be quick to notice a small change since you were last in the vehicle. For this problem, you’re preparing to make a left turn, and you see that your turning signal is blinking quicker than usual. Here is where a host of many reasons could be the main cause of the turn signal blinking so fast. There could be a lot of issues, ranging from faulty wiring in your vehicle, a burned-out lightbulb being used, or you may be using custom LED headlights that simply aren’t correct for your car to have. We will help you through the process of figuring out why your turn signal lights are blinking so quickly and how to get this fixed.

The Bulb Has Burned-Out

Your Turning Signal Lightbulb Has Burned-Out

One of the main causes of a quicker-than-usual turn signal sensor might be a burned-out bulb for that side. A burnt-out bulb might be an essential cog of an annoyingly excessive flashing turn signal that won’t stop because the burnt bulb is sending an irregular current through the indicator system. Yes, you can see if the two turn signals are flashing quicker than usual. However, it would probably be best to bring it to our service department to let our professional service technicians have a look at it.

Using Aftermarket Taillights

The Aftermarket LED Headlights and Taillights Aren’t Compatible

If you’re a car enthusiast that loves to personalize many parts of your vehicle, you could buy aftermarket parts that aren’t compatible with your vehicle, this might bring many problems. Aftermarket or custom headlights may present tons of compatibility issues, and a quick flashing turn signal can be one of many issues. It’s always better to let us handle the research for car components and help you locate the appropriate headlights to prevent this issue.

Faulty Wiring Inside of Car

Bad Wiring Inside of Vehicle

This problem isn’t as simple as the other reasons mentioned previously, but solving this can help prevent more issues from popping up within your car. Whether it’s faulty wiring creating problems in the turn signals circuit or not enough voltage, both of these could bring about the same issue. But, in some cases, this blinker issue could be the first warning of a bigger problem your car may be having. All in all, it’s better to bring your vehicle to our service center and have our service technicians take a look.

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