Advantages Of Hyundai 3rd-Row SUVs

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advantages of hyundai 3rd-row suvs

Discover the advantages of Hyundai 3rd-row SUVs at Bob Howard Hyundai.

If you are in the market to purchase a new vehicle, buyers have an abundance of choices to pick from. There are V8 muscle cars (for a little bit longer, at least), EVs, Hybrids, and more, but if you have a big family, then there are really only two options: a 3rd-Row Sport Utility Vehicle or a van. Both choices are able to comfortably carry up to eight people, but how they pull off that goal differs significantly. Even when taking the prestige factor into consideration, if your choice is between a van or a Sport Utility Vehicle, then there’s really no choice at all.

Even More Seats

More Seating

Perhaps the biggest factor in buying a 3-row SUV is the improved seating capacity. At the very least, 3rd-row seating in an SUV will give drivers an additional two seats (sometimes you get 3 additional seats). Some extra seats may not feel like much, but if you’re a family of 5 (or will soon be), you know just how wonderful that extra room is. Even if you have a smaller family, there will be times when friends and family will need to catch a ride with you. The additional space of a 3rd-row SUV is priceless.

Versatile Storage Space

Additional Cargo Space

The versatile cargo space of a 3rd-row Sport Utility Vehicle boasts more space for booster seats. You won’t have to be concerned about Narrow Booster Seats because Sport Utility Vehicles are usually wider than other vehicles. In an SUV with a third row, you have the room for what you need. The seats fold flat for massive storage space. When you think about the increase in horsepower that three-row SUVs have available, it makes them incredibly functional.

Increased Performance

More Performance

For those with a big family, need more cargo space, and must have something that can tow, then a third-row SUV really is your only option. Not even the minivan with the highest tow capacity will compare to the impressive towing capacity of a Sport Utility Vehicle. Even if you just want the extra cargo space, the SUV with the most cargo space is going to compare favorably to most full-size vans. Only you know what vehicle is right for your needs, but you really cannot go wrong with a 3rd-row SUV.

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