Faulty Radiator Cap Warning Symptoms

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faulty radiator cap warning symptoms

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The Signs of a Bad Radiator range from something as small as the temperature gauge showing higher temperatures all the way to steam rising out from under the hood of your car. Other than your vehicle consistently running too hot, some other symptoms of a bad radiator include radiator hose cracks, low coolant levels, rust-colored coolant, and coolant leaks. If you get a coolant warning light on the dashboard or are adding coolant to the radiator, then there is a chance it’s ready to fail, and it ought to be examined as soon as possible. Your vehicle needs the radiator to work properly to avoid overheating concerns, which can eventually lead to engine failure.

What Function Does Coolant Provide?

What Does Coolant Do?

The main function of the radiator and coolant is to prevent engine damage caused by overheating. You may not realize it, but the radiator and coolant are absolutely crucial to keep your car in good condition. The coolant absorbs heat from the engine as it moves through the engine, then returns to the radiator, is cooled, and then the cycle begins again. In addition to keeping the engine from overheating, the coolant also lubricates other engine components as it circulates through the system. Without coolant, your car would overheat in a matter of seconds.

How Long Does Coolant Last?

When Do I Need to Change The AntiFreeze?

AntiFreeze can last as long as 120k miles, depending on your driving habits. However, like the transmission fluid or oil in your car, it is essential to check the levels and change them at the correct intervals. With such a wide range, it is crucial to check the owner’s manual to verify the maintenance requirements. If you are worried about the life left in your coolant, feel free to bring your car to one of our skilled technicians, who can ensure everything is in good shape.

What Does A Radiator Leak Repair Cost?

What Does A Coolant Leak Repair Cost?

The cost to repair a radiator can vary wildly due to many factors, such as the vehicle’s make, model, and age or if you choose upgrades like aluminum radiators. If you suspect there could be a problem with your radiator or coolant, bring it to us immediately to be inspected. A bad radiator can hurt not only your engine but other components, as well, resulting in even more repairs. Keeping up to date on the routine maintenance of your vehicle is the simplest way to ensure you keep repair costs low.

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